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Shaman apprenticeship trip (10 days)

What to expect
This trip is for spiritual practitioners of any level
shaman apprenticeship
EUR 1000


Horse riding 🐴


Spirituality 🙏


May 15

June 2

July 1

August 2 - Confirmed

✅Learn from the best, personal lessons by a seasoned shaman.

Enjoy the wilderness
camels in the Mini-Gobi

✅Get a taste of the desert and ride on two humped Bactrian camels unique to Mongolia and ride the mighty Mongolian pony.

Learn the ancient way of Mongolian shamans 
Shaman yurt

✅Learn the nitty gritty from an authentic Shaman master and get familiar with all the ins and outs of the craft.

Immerse yourself in the culture
cooking local food

✅Meet locals, help make and eat authentic Mongolian cuisine.

Tour activities

✅Lessons from the shaman teacher on basics, tools and offerings

✅Lessons on meditation, rituals and ceremonies

✅Two humped camel riding

✅Horse trekking in breathtaking scenery

✅Explore nomadic lifestyle, tradition and culture

✅Authentic Mongolian cuisine, including Mongolian barbecue Khorkhog

Services included

✅Standard room at a hotel

✅Shaman lessons by the teacher

✅Shared accommodation at Ger camp

✅Horse and camel rides

✅2 people per tent

✅Local animal guide

✅All meals mentioned + Mongolian barbecue


✅English speaking tour guide

Services not included

❌Personal expenses

​❌Travel insurance

❌International flights

❌Excursions not mentioned in the program

​❌Optional activities

​❌Required tools and consumable for rituals

itinerary map

From exploring the rich cultural and historical sites to riding Bactrian camels and Mongolian horses on a trek, capture the essence of Mongolia in just one trip!

Ride a two humped camel in desert dunes, horse treks in beautiful nature off the beaten track, bonfires, authentic Mongolian food and outdoor camping. Catch the unique opportunity to visit a real shaman master's yurt. Visit the centuries old Tuvkhun monastery on top of a mountain and the Mongol Empire's capital Kharkhorin. 

We will make sure you enjoy the trip and make precious memories.


Day 1. Airport – Mini Gobi.

camels in the desert

There are various activities waiting for you:


-Shamanism lesson

-Camel riding

Accommodation: Yurt


~300km paved road

Welcome to Mongolia! We will pick you up from the airport and head straight to 'Elsen Tasarkhai'. The desert is situated between the Khangai and Gobi mountain ranges and is known for its unique combination of sand dunes, rocky mountains, and grassy plains. It is often referred to as the "Mini Gobi" due to its resemblance to the larger Gobi desert. Basics of shamanism and sand meditation will be taught.

Day 2. Mini-Gobi – 8 Lakes, shaman family

horses in the steppes

-Shamanism lesson

Accommodation: Yurt

~150km paved road, ~100km dirt road

We will have early breakfast, which includes the trademark Mongolian salty milk tea, then get on the road to 'Naiman Nuur'. The 8 Lakes(Naiman Nuur) are a series of interconnected lakes formed from volcanic craters. We will stay with the shaman nomad family. Get to know the traditional religion, what is used in it and how: explained by the shaman. Meditation and lessons by the teacher in the morning and afternoon. In the evening we will have dinner with the nomads while chatting about their lifestyle and various customs to follow.

Day 3. Getting to know the culture.

Shaman yurt
shaman ceremony
mongolian barbecue


-Visiting a shaman’s yurt

-Khorkhog barbecue

-Alcohol making

-Cheese making

-Yak milking

Accommodation: Yurt

Early in the morning we will milk the yaks for our milk tea ourselves and have a breakfast Mongolian style. Meditation and lesson in the morning and afternoon. Along the journey we will have ethnic foods that the locals eat or you can order alternatives such as vegan if you wish. Lunch will be a Mongolian style stone seared barbecue: Khorkhog, it is a dish served to honored guests. After eating, the hostess will show you how alcohol is made from milk. In the evening we will prepare the horses for our ride.

Day 4. Trekking to one of the 8 Lakes, ‘Shireet’

packing on yaks
horse trekking
camping on a lake beach


-Horse riding

-Lake meditation

-Shamanism lesson

Accommodation: Yurt or tent camping

~14km hike

After eating breakfast, we will pack our luggage on a horse and go on our hike to 'Shireet' Lake. 'Shireet' is one of the 8 volcanic lakes and is not accessible by car. The view along the way is beautiful and wild. This lake shore is a unique place full of small volcanic pebbles. Lake meditation and shaman lesson.

Day 5. Volcanic crater meditation and more lessons.

resting horses


-Horse riding

-Shamanism lesson

Accommodation: Yurt

As this trip is an apprenticeship we focus more on learning from the master as much as you can. More lessons from the shaman and volcanic crater meditation in the afternoon.

Day 6. RItual and ceremonies

Meditation and In-depth lessons such as rituals and ceremonies will be part of the curriculum.


-Shamanism lesson


Accommodation: Yurt

~20km trek

fire ritual at night

Day 7. Red Waterfall.

Red waterfall

Accommodation: Tent

~20km dirt road, ~95km paved road

The Red Waterfall (Ulaan Tsutgalan) is 20m tall and 10m wide waterfall. It is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Orkhon Valley, the political and spiritual home of the past mongol empires. Powerful and spiritual place for generations. Meditation at the waterfall and lesson.

Accommodation: Yurt

Day 8. From Red Waterfall – to Tovkhon monastery.

Leaving the waterfall by car we will arrive at the base of the mountain temple, we will leave our car behind and hike to the top of the mountain. First established in 1648, located on a cliff 2600m above sea level the Tovkhon monastery is a sacred Buddhist monastery built by a spiritual leader of Mongolia, Zanabazar. The rich history, meditation caves at the monastery and the view from the top is a great memory for anyone who visits. Concluding our visit to the sacred place, we will come down from the mountain to spend the night.

-Shamanism lesson

Accommodation: Tent or Yurt

~40km dirt road

Tovkhon monastery stairs
Tovkhon monastery from above

Day 9. From Tovkhon – to Kharkhorin.

Kharkhorin bird eye view

Accommodation: Yurt

~20km dirt road, ~95km paved road

'Kharkhorin' is a historical city located in central Mongolia, which was once the capital of the Mongol Empire during the reign of Chinggis Khan. The city was established in the 13th century and became an important cultural, economic, and political center of the empire. Today, Kharakorum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts tourists from all over the world who are interested in Mongolian history and culture. Visitors to Kharakorum can explore the ruins of the ancient city, including the Erdene Zuu Monastery, the oldest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia.

Day 10. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar downtown

Accommodation: Hotel

~360km paved road

From Kharkhorin we drive back to Ulaanbaatar straight to your hotel. Optional shopping at Narantuul Market. Your tour guide will show you around Ulaanbaatar.

Day 11. Drive back to your airport.

Chinggis Khan airport

The guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport. Have a safe flight!

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